IRP President (1)2My dear divine brothers and sisters. Greetings of peace and divine love. The Inter Religious Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago is pleased to welcome you.

As an independent Nation, we have grown and matured, and produce individuals of various profession that are number one in the world. We are fortunate and blessed as a rainbow Nation to have almost every single race and religion living in harmony, and enjoying their religious and spiritual freedom. We are very unique, and is no doubt and example to the world with a well respected Organisation like the IRO.

Our spiritual and religious leaders have played a tremendous role in the safety and development of this nation and have always stood firm and strong to salvage us at the time of need. Sacrificing  many of the worldly comforts, and holding the hand of the Almighty for the safety and progress of their fellow brothers and sisters, is no easy task as it may sometimes appear to be. As Gods’ right hand and instruments, these men and women of the cloth have made us all proud.

We salute our relegious leaders for those individuals who are not with us physically, we must not forget their sacrifices. The hundreds who are not mentioned in our publication, you are not forgotten. You must be familiar with the addace “ it is better to give me a rose when I am alive rather than an orchid on my coffin”, is a reminder to say Thank You. To those who so selflessly gave without expectation, it is with utmost humility and gratitude, that I say thank you to all of them on behalf of the IRO. To the many who have also done so much and are not included herein, I also say a special thank you and soon you will receive your turn. I encourage you to keep strong and faithful as the world needs you now more than before.

May the blessings of the Almighty, the Supreme Being, The Supreme Light shine upon all. To the founding Fathers of the IRO, may their souls experience everlasting peace. To the parents and families of all these distinguished sons and daughters, thank you for giving us these jewels of hope. To all who have kept the faith and has given us the support in good and not so good times, who stood by our sides, thank you.To those who have assisted in providing the information on the awardwees, I say thank you.

And to all the leaders and those in authority, who continue to recognise our worth to national development and international friendship, and assisted to make this event a success, I thank you. I cannot help but have to single out our beloved Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar, for without her commitment, our awards function would not be the success it is.

And to all members of the IRO for your support and having the confidence in me, I say a special thank you. May God Bless our nation with peace, love, happiness and prosperity.



Harrypersad Maharaj  President  IRO