IRO President Br Harrypersad Maharaj sends New Year Greetings

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The Inter Religious Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago sends its best wishes to the Nation for 2017 and hope that love and spiritual light should flow more powerfully to guide and protect each and every home in the New Year. The value for human life in particular seem to have depreciated in 2016 with the high murder rate, road accidents, theft, children abuse and other serious crimes.

We need to take the collective responsibility as a Nation in dealing with the ills affecting the society. We need to once again instil a deeper sense of patriotism and work towards building a nation, where we can once again enjoy the freedom from fear and discrimination.

We need to re-examine and re-access ourselves of our moral, social, spiritual and family values, and make the necessary improvements as is needed.

The members of the IRO will be leading the nation once again in these aspects. On Sunday January 1st, 2017, we shall begin at all our places of worship, prayers and meditations specially dedicated for greater positive energy to spread in our land. We have also decided that at our regular monthly meetings for 2017, we shall include for the first time an interfaith service of worship at these meetings. Some of the venues for these services are Chaguanas, Curepe, and for the first time in Point Fortin, Mayaro and Tobago.

We sincerely believe that with prayer and deeper renewed faith in God, that we can unite the Nation to remove the darkness that is in our land. We need to regain our inner peace and love, for only then happiness can be experienced. This is only possible when we can respect each other’s worth, and seek to achieve in positive ways for ourselves. Hatred, anger and jealousy would deter our personal progress and we should rather seek love, peace and contentment as our wealth. We should not compromise our moral, family and spiritual values for petty favours.

Let us build a Stronger and Caring Nation upon the richness of the flora and fauna, our sea and sunshine, our fertile earth and clean air, the multi religious and multi ethnic cultural values that we are so privilege to have been blessed with. We can once we act collectively.

May the New Year 2017 be a year to rebuild for the benefit of each and every one. May God Bless us all, protect us, and grant us health, wealth and happiness.

Harrypersad Maharaj J.P

President IRO


Phone: 768 – 7481 or 325 – 1410

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