Universal Prayer for All Occasions

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Almighty and Eternal Being, O Supreme and Divine Light.

We your children have gathered today in Your remembrance, to give thanks and praise to You for all that You have given to us.

O Supreme Being, Light of all Lights, You have been compassionate and loving, merciful and caring,

You are my father and my mother, my friend and everything to me,

You held my hand when I thought that no one was with me,

You gave me the health and strength to succeed in life,

Your virtues and divine powers showed me the right and noble path,

You have provided me with food, shelter and clothing that I can also share with the less privilege, the poor, sick and elderly.

Father God, I give thanks this day for all that you have bestowed to me and for giving me the courage to enjoy life in a meaningful way with You.

I give thanks to You, for You have protected me from Natural calamities and provided an evergreen flora and fauna to keep my mind healthy, positive and inspired.

I give thanks to You dear God, as You have looked over me during my travels and in my place of work, as You have done the same to my family and colleagues.

I place my trust and faith in You O Supreme Almighty Being, that from up above in Your invisible divine form, that You continue to look over me, my family, and friends in all of our activities.

For You are the light and savior for all Your children and will never let us fail.

I pray this day to You dear God, as I give my thanks in advance.

That Your peace and love will keep me forever glowing with happiness.

Love You forever dear and near One.

I Thank You.

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