Inter Religious Organization call for a National Day of Prayer

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The Inter Religious Organization of Trinidad and Tobago is calling upon the Nation to observe Sunday January 3rd 2016 as a National Day of Prayer. Let us begin the New Year 2016 which is a leap year where uncertainties and extremities can unfold, by reflecting on the past weaknesses and correcting them, and of the successes and continue to build on those. Our collective prayer will certainly have a positive impact for a better, stable and successful year ahead.

We make this humble request for all places of worship, work places, institutions, and individuals to use half an hour of your normal morning or afternoon service, and dedicate that time specifically for the New Year 2016. The Members of the Muslim community can additionally do the same on Friday January 1st at their services which is normally held on Fridays.

Let us prayer for our President and other High Office Holders such as the Politicians; the Judiciary etc.; and those in authority so that they will use their Offices with Respect, and shall be true Role Models and not bring disrepute to their Offices and the Nation.

Ask God to empower the members of the Protective Services so that they will continue to serve this Nation with Patriotism and Selflessness, so that the crimes, human trafficking, trafficking of drugs, carnage on the roads, and dangerous weapons must be stopped.

Pray for the Religious Leaders so that their Sincerity and Honesty will strengthen their relationship with the Supreme, so that they can continue to give Hope and Solutions even at the darkest hour.

Pray for the Trade Unions Leaders and other similar groups who should bargain with Equity and Equality, so that a fair day’s pay will be matched with a fair day’s work, and that each person who is seeking their services should be treated as a guest.

For All the Essential Services including the Doctors and Nurses so that they continue to show their Compassion, Care and Love for the humanity they have so chosen to serve with dignity.

That every citizen of this land must show respect for all of Creation, our Flora and Fauna, and shall do no harm to break the food chain, which in turn will bring starvation and hardship to all. That we shall seek to maintain at all times a very clean and healthy environment including our water courses and that we shall be protected from the harshness of Nature.

That we pay greater attention in maintaining our respect and acceptance to our rich diverse cultures, races and religions, and halt the discrimination that is fueling anger; that can lead to violence and the destruction of a lasting Peace and Harmony of our rainbow country.

Let us pray that the wealthy ones in our society show more mercy and compassion rather than further exploitation based on greed.

Pray that we dedicate a few moments of our time and resources to the sick, less fortunate, homeless and elderly in our society, and look out for any indiscriminative or advantageous practices especially to the children in our country.

That we shall prayer for a Nation where moral, ethical, civic, family and spiritual values shall be our guiding tools in our daily lives as against hatred, greed and jealousy. That we respect our ancestors and the sacrifices they have made for us.

That we pray for our visitors including our Diplomatic Missions who continue to link and support us to the rest of the world.

Let us Do Good and Be Good; Eat Healthy and Be Well; Think Positive and Feel at Peace; Be Loving and Kind, so that an atmosphere of safety will be felt at all times. Let our Actions be Rewarding so that the presence of God shall always be felt to be with each and every one of us and this land of “His Holy Trinity”, Trinidad and Tobago, for the New Year 2016 and beyond.

Give thanks for all the Good and Kindness of the past and be grateful that it should continue.


Br Harrypersad Maharaj

President IRO


868 768 7481; 868 325 1410.

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