Message from the Inter Religious Organisation to the Nation of Trinidad & Tobago

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My dear sisters and brothers.

It gives me great pleasure to reveal to you a simple but very deep secret to gain Peace and Happiness in your life. A secret that will also help you to win the hearts of many and make friends. You will then earn respect, become very successful and also win the heart of God, the Almighty, the Supreme Being.

Peace is not just the absence of tension and war, but a positive state of well being. One of the things we all wish to achieve or possess is Peace of Mind. However, the Mind is not something that is physical, and therefore cannot be fulfilled by physical things.

The Mind is the thinking faculty of the Being or Soul which is not physical, but spiritual. You are a soul, a spiritual being, a child of God, the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Being whom we called the Almighty, and call Him by many names. Rama, Allah, Christ etc. You are living in this body and have to control your senses. Do not let the senses control you, because if you do, then others will do the same to you at some point in time. They will also make promises that they will fulfill your needs. Be careful of such promises.

For example, you may have money, but no happiness, you may have a house, but it is not a home, you may have a bed, but still no sleep. The same for food, which you may have in abundance, but due to ill health or some complication you just cannot eat. We even use the expression that you can lead the horse to the well, but you cannot make it drink the water.

Each one of us has been born as humans, and is a child of God. We therefore do possess immense talents and powers, which God has bestowed within us. All we have to do is to remain connected with Him. Maintain a good relationship with Him, and we will be able to feel His presence within us. Like a child of a physical parent, if the parent is rich, and the child is not having a good relationship with the parents, they will not have access and will not receive the treasures from the parents. Then the parents will also give what they have to someone else. Do not deprive yourself in this way.

So many of us cry out that we do not have Peace, or Love or Happiness etc. The solution lies not by becoming dependant on other human beings who themselves are in need. Go to the source, the Creator, the One to whom you really belong too, and that is God. The simplest method to be close to God, to win His heart and receive His treasures is to BE GOOD AND DO GOOD to your fellow human being, and all of creation. He will then fill your heart with all your needs. In this way the Mind will feel contented.

Remember, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As you sow, that you shall reap. So to, to every lock there is a key. Similarly, to every problem there is a solution. A solution in which all are winners, and none are losers. We cannot give sorrow to others to get Happiness. Rather, giving sorrow only results in more sorrow. Instead, give Happiness and you will receive Happiness.

Be in control of your Mind. Do not let anyone influence you with anything physical including food or clothes, or luxuries. You will have to give the return for it in some way back to that person. Today most people give with the motive of getting back in return. If you take from someone, they will come back and ask for help and in a very camouflage way, even to remind you that I helped you at the time of need, and this is where you will be trapped. Make the sacrifice to earn for yourself. Remember, just how the other person became rich, I too can be like that as well. You cannot become rich by begging, but work for what you deserve and must be done. By the sweat of thy brow, man shall eat bread and experience Peace and Satisfaction.

So my suggestion to all my sisters and brothers is,  to take your Troubles and Pain to God the Almighty, and He shall never turn you down. Keep that close relationship with Him. He is also a Mother and Friend. He will help you. In so doing you will be Peaceful and Happy and others will be Happy with you, your community and country will be Happy. Be caring and loving as we do for you.

If you need further help, we the members of the Inter Religious Organisation, will be willing to assist you at no cost, and shall not come back to you to ask for return or favour. Our website is: www.iro.co.tt

May God Bless You, and May God Bless Trinidad and Tobago.

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