Greetings from the IRO on the Occasion of Christmas and New Year 2015

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The President and Members of the Inter-Religious Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago extend best wishes to the entire nation on the auspicious birth of the Christ Child, Jesus. Christmas is a time for celebration of goodness over evil through the inculcation of the Christ like virtues and qualities.

Though the many religious celebrations have been commercialized, the IRO wishes to remind the Nation to focus on the benefits of these auspicious religious celebrations, and extract the significance and meaning it holds to our individual and family life.
In a country that is so blessed with the flora and fauna, the religious and racial freedom, the freedom of expression, the warmth of the sunshine and of its people, it is very important that during our celebrations, we must always make God the Almighty, the Supreme Creator a part of our celebrations.

Let us be thankful for the goodness and charity that exist in our country and emulate that which is good. Let us cultivate a new culture to appreciate rather than criticise, to be exemplars rather than to condemn others constantly.

Let’s us be the role models that I will like to see in others. Like Mahatma Gandhi, who had inspired millions, including Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and yet never condemn nor was he violent. Let me be the change I will like to see. Let my life be a message for positive growth and development.

We must learn not to throw stones (speak or act, bitterly) at the tree that is giving us the fruits, but rather to pour the water of nourishment (constructive criticism or suggestions), so we can continue to quench our hunger and thirst.

Let me be my neighbour’s friend, to share and care, and to be there at the time of need. Surely with our compassion and expression of love and peace, we can truly celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year 2015 to be a safer and more secure place to be.

Let us be forgiving, and do unto others that which we will like others to do unto us. Then we can truly have a Happy New and Prosperous Year 2015 filled with love and unlimited blessings.

Please do not forget to be courteous and always remember the words Thank You.
Thank You.
Harrypersad Maharaj/ Br Harry
President IRO

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